Black Hawk II - Party Boat Fishing at its Finest
2015 Rates*

Bass & Blue Day Trips (6:00 am, 8:00 am, or 1:00 pm, depending on day/schedule)
Adults: $64.00
Kids (12 & Under): $32.00

After Work Special Trips
Limited to 28 people
One rate: $75.00

Night Bass Trips
All Fares: $110, includes rod & reel rental
Trips are limited to 20 people

Porgy/Seabass Day Trips (7:00 am)
Adults: $74.00
Kids (12 & Under): $37.00

Porgy/Seabass/Codfish Block Island Trips
7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Adults: $85.00
Kids (12 & Under): $43.00
Includes rod & reel rental

Rod & Reel Rental available for $7.00.
Rental does not include lost sinkers, hooks, etc.  The bottom where we fish is rough and rugged.  If you lose gear (hooks, sinkers, jigs, etc) it must be paid for and replaced on the boat.  

Rider Rates

Day Trips:
Non fishing children (12 & under): $10.00
Non-fishing Adults: $20.00

After Work Special Trips:
Non-fishing Riders (one rate): $25.00
Night Bass Trips:
Non-fishing Riders (one rate): $50.00

Spaces on the lower level are reserved for fishing.  Riders may need to stay on the upper deck or in the cabin during trips.

We love having kids on the boat- as you can see by all we do with kids!
However, parents must realize that some types of fishing we do just isn't the best environment for very small children.
If your child must stay on the deck and take up a fishing spot on the rail, we have to charge you for a fishing rate, which is $32 for children.  Occasionally, there can be exceptions when we are not busy.   This is strictly a safety issue- we've had many people bring very young children on the boat lately, and, quite frankly, it's just not the environment for them.  You know we love having kids on the boat, so we want them to be safe.   If you must bring a very small child, please bring an extra adult who can stay with them and watch them the whole time.  We hope everyone understands, we're just  looking out for the welfare and enjoyment of the children- we don't want anyone to get hurt.  

Daily Special
Pay full fare for the morning trip, take the afternoon trip for 1/2 fare (same day only).
(Valid only on days with 2 trips -Saturday & Sunday)
*Since nobody knows just how high the price of fuel will go, we may need to adjust the fares during the season. 
*Please plan on arriving at the dock at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.* 
What to Bring:
*Sneakers or boots, no sandals or flip flops
*A hat or sunglasses
*Jacket or sweatshirt (it can get chilly on the water!)
*Snacks/water/soda- No Glass Containers!
*Cash for the galley
*Tips for the mates
Black Hawk 
* No Reservations *
* Free Parking *
* Bait Furnished *
* Free Instructions *
* Tackle on Board for sale *
* Snack Bar *
* Coast Guard Inspected *