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2014 Fishing Reports

August 24, 2014
Heather from the Black Hawk office reports another week of superb bluefishing.  Customers are getting all they can handle, with a few striped bass mixed in.  There's a few shorts being caught, which adds to variety, but the bass numbers are still down from what they should be this time of the year. There's plenty of bluefish down in the western sound, which ensures that we're going to have some great fishing for weeks to come.  

Porgy and seabass fishing remains very good, when we get the weather, we've been going over to Montauk or Block Island, which remains excellent with a combo of porgies, seabass, triggerfish and even some codfish mixed in. Locally, the porgy and seabass fishing remains excellent too.  We had strong running tides this week, coming off of the full moon, and the best of the fish are are only located in one particular area so you don't have a real large window to fish on 'em- but the porgies are huge and fill up the bags quickly. No matter where we go, locally or Montauk, there's short seabass everywhere that we just have to fish through. They're very aggressive, sometimes steal a lot of bait, but we just gotta fish through them. 

The high point of the week for my father Greg was definitely when he co-hosted the "Evening with Sig Hansen and Friends" at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Sig was there with his brother Edgar and deckhand Jake Anderson, all from the crab boat Northwestern, featured on the television show "Deadliest Catch".  Greg got the opportunity to spend time backstage with the guys, sharing lots of stories and laughs.  The show was a success, playing to a packed house, and everybody had a great time.  Now he has an opportunity to go crab fishing on the Northwestern on the Bering Sea this winter....or maybe he'll wait until next summer to go seining for salmon next summer- it will be a lot warmer and a lot calmer! We'll see how that all plays out....
Just a reminder that our schedule is still on trip daily for bass and blues on Sundays and Mondays, leaving at 8am.  Tuesday through Saturday we go for porgies and seabass, with one trip leaving at 7am. As always, you can check our website for details, fishing reports, schedule updates, and more. 

September 7, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that this was probably one of the "banner weeks"- beautiful weather, calm seas, and superb fishing.  We promised to take you to the best of the fishing, and we stuck to our promise. Montauk was simply was simply red-hot on huge seabass and porgies, with everyone getting their limit of big seabass, and a lot of people limiting out on big scup.   Maybe customers are targeting fluke in addition. Long-time customer Bruce from Litchfield, after reaching his seabss limit,  went for some fluke, and ended up with 5 nice fish up to 4 1/2 pounds.  It's that time of the year to fill your freezers, so come on down.  In addition, there's been fluke, codfish, triggerfish, and even a few bluefish throw into the mix.  It just couldn't get any better. We're looking forward to continuing the pattern and hopefully things are going to say respectably good right though to the end of the year.  

Capt. Ray Burke, popular party boat captain from New Jersey, came all the way up from Belmar to fish with us and said he had, "some of the best porgy fishing I've ever seen- big scup, plenty of seabass and a lot of action.  You really keep those fares happy."    Thanks, Ray- we hope to see you again soon!
Heather from the office wants to remind everyone that our schedule is now Tuesday-Saturday, 1 trip daily for pogies and seabss, leaving at 7:00 am.  Sundays and Mondays will be for bass & blues, leaving at 8:00 am.  Check our website for a full schedule, updates, and more. 

August 31, 2014
A week of spectacular fishing, that's all there was to it, reports Heather from the Black Hawk office.  Monday and Tuesday saw some of the best porgy and seabass fishing of the season. Jumbo seabass and huge porgies were the name of the game- coupled with beautiful weather, it made for great days. Most fares had their limit and were throwing them back.  Wednesday was a little slower, hampered by winds and a fast drift, made fishing a little tougher.  

On the bluefish scene, it's remained as good as it can get on both tides.   Diamond jigging is most productive,  producing a lot of fish, with most fares going home with full bags. In addition, when tide slows down, during the slack tide we've been doing some bottom fishing for scup and seabass inside, right on the bluefish grounds, which has been very good. Not quite the gigantic size of those in Montauk and Block Island, but still a lot fish and a lot of action- and some monster porgies mixed in. The fares are really getting a kick of coming down expecting only bluefish and maybe a bass or two, but going home with that and much more. We're introducing people that would  normally never bottom fish to bottom fishing, converting them over after they see how good it is and taste what great table fare it is as well.  Special congrats to Steven, who came with his dad to celebrate his 11th birthday with us on board the boat, and caught some of each species- bluefish, porgies and seabass!  
Our schedule has changed to our fall schedule- Sundays and Mondays we have one trip for bass & blues that leaves at 8:00 am.  Tuesday through Saturday we go one trip for porgies, leaving at 7:00 am.  On our bluefishing trips, we'll try to mix up the targeted species as much as we can to give everyone a chance for some great multi-species fishing.  We have a few September night bass trips, dates and times are posted on our website, so check that out before they fill up.  As usual, check the site for updated schedule, fishing reports, videos, and more.
August 24, 2014
Capt Greg from the Black Hawk reports that some of the nicest weather and best bottom fishing of the season was found this past week.  Jumbo seabass and hubcap porgies filled coolers, bags, and everywhere else on board for our patrons.  Numerous nice fluke also fit the bill.  We fished over in the Montauk area for most of the week, and will continue to do so as the weather and fishing permit.  On the local scene, we've been doing some porgy and seabass fishing in addition to the bluefishing on some of our day trips when the tide is at its best.  

Special congratulations go out to Sierra and Emily, two youngsters who joined  us this last week and did a phenomenal job catching seabass- out-catching many of the adults on board! Great job girls, keep it up! 

We have installed a wide screen TV in our deckhouse which is connected to our radar, plotter, and bottom machine, complements of RayMarine and Dockside Electronics of Mystic.  Customers can now see and follow our every move going into the fishing grounds and see exactly what they are fishing on and note the terrain as well. This is in real time, coming right off the electronics in our wheelhouse. Customers love it, and it helps to make them more informed to exactly what they are doing. 
We're looking forward to the start of porgy season on September 1.  As always, we'll pursue the best areas for the fish, as we always do- even if it means going west to Clinton or east to Montauk or Block Island.  We're looking forward to a great fall!  Ladies, Gentlemen, and Kids- plan on joining us for some great fall fishing! 
Heather from the office reminds everyone that our schedule changes on September 1.  Until then, we will continue weekday trips at 8:00 am and this last weekend coming up of two trips at 6:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Starting September 1, our schedule will be Tuesday - Saturday, 1 trip for porgies and seabass, leaving at 7:00 am.  Sundays and Mondays will be for bass & blues at 8:00 am.  Special September night bass trips will  be posted this week on Facebook, to our email list, and on our website- these extra special trips are sure to fill very quickly so be sure to call as soon as you see the dates posted.  Heather also wants to thank everyone for their generous donations of school supplies.  Last week, she was able to take boxes full of notebooks, pencils, glue and more over to Safe Futures to be given to children living in the emergency shelters and temporary housing so they can have a successful start to the school year. Thanks for continuing to support our work with the local community! 

August 17, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that the fishing has finally started to pick up and get a bit more consistent on both tides.  The best of the fishing is still at certain points of certain tides, but overall a big improvement over the past few weeks.  In addition to the bluefish there is a nice mixture of bass mixed in, not a lot but enough to make it interesting for all. The Montauk scene is still excellent with great fluke, seabass, and some porgies as well.  We will continue to do more of these trips as we are able.  Locally, the porgy and seabass fishing has been good when we've been doing some combo trips, so we're looking forward to the upcoming porgy season.  The Thursday and Friday After Work Special trips have been good as well- these are winding down, though, so be sure to get your spot on board before we are done for the season!

We had a great night Saturday night on our sunset cruise with the WARM center from Westerly, RI.  The Black Hawk was proud to donate the boat, and other local organizations donated food and beverages- and there was even live music on board!  It was a beautiful night, and a substantial amount of money was raised for WARM, which helps those dealing with homelessness in Southeastern CT and Washington County, RI.  As always, the Black Hawk is pleased to be able to help those in our local community.  

Heather from the office wants to know- did you check out our video of Capt. Greg participating in the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge"?  Check it out on our website or facebook page, it's quite funny!  Then be on the lookout for videos from those who Greg nominated to do the challenge- Kerry from J&B Tackle and Dale from right here at the Fisherman.  We're looking for your videos, guys!

We'd also like to say good luck to one of our mates, Alex, as she heads off to graduate school this week.  We will miss her but know she'll do a great job in all of her studies at grad school. 

Our schedule remains the same for the next two weeks- then on September 1, we will start our fall schedule, when we'll fish Tuesday-Saturday for porgies at 7:00 am and Sundays and Mondays for bass & blues at 8:00 am.  Check our website for a full schedule and details. 

August 10, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports another week  of good, solid bottom fishing in the Montauk vicinity. Doormat fluke, jumbo seabass and hubcap porgies all fit the bill. We've been going there during the week and loading up the bags.  The bluefishing in the Race still remains consistently inconsistent. I hate to use the same words every week, but what else can I say?  Thursday and Friday After Work Special trips were good.  Saturday morning was okay, we split the trip with half of it diamond jigging for the bass and blues and the other half porgy and seabass fishing.  Sunday morning we'd expect the same thing as Saturday- everyone arrived except the bluefish.  We spent most of the time porgy and seabass fishing. 

Heather from the office reports that we're doing our very best to adapt to the conditions. Based on weather, tide, and fishing conditions, trips are going for a variety of species- whatever happens to the best on that given day.  We will continue to go out Monday-Friday at 8:00 am, and Saturdays and Sundays at 6:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Our schedule will change in September.  As always, you can check our website or give us a call for updates.  

August 3, 2014
Capt. Greg reports that it's been a week of pretty good fishing.  Pretty good bluefishing, we're glad to report. The ebb tide in the Race has been pretty darn consistent, catching our fill with a few bass mixed in with them.  When the tide has been right, like over the weekend, we've been supplementing the trips with some porgy fishing and getting some nice seabass too. The good fisherman can handily catch their limit of nice big scup.  When the weather permits, we head over to Montauk, where the fishing has been very good with some jumbo fluke up to 8 pounds and with some heavyweight seabass as well.  Although we're not targeting the scup over there, we're catching a good amount of them too without trying.  We will continue these Montauk trips as long as the fishing and weather is conducive.  

Heather from the office reports that we had a great time at the Carelot Children's Carnival last Saturday.  We had fun with our white shark game and meeting lots of local children to introduce them to the fun of fishing! Remember to get outside and take your kids fishing!  We'd also like to remind  everyone that we are fishing 7 days a week- 8am Monday through Friday, and two trips on Saturdays and Sundays.  This will continue until September when our schedule will change for the porgy fishing.  As usual, check our website for details.  

July 27, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that midweek trips to Montauk have been very good with nice jumbo fluke and big seabass, and a scattering of poriges mixed in.  Fishing will continue to be good over there, and we'll be trying to go over there as often as we can, weather depending.  Bluefishing in the Race is still up and down with little windows of opportunities to catch, but is still off of what it should be.  We're making the best of it, doing some seabass and porgy fishing when we can. 

In other news, Capt Matt took a busman's holiday and went offshore tuna fishing for a couple of days and did good with the yellowfin and albacore and popped off a few swordfish at night.  

Heather from the office reminds everyone that we're fishing daily, with our After Work Special trips on Thursdays and Fridays.  We're also still collecting school supplies for our Black Hawk and the Community program- don't forget to bring something down when you come for your trip so we can help some local kids get ready for the new school year!

July 20, 2014
Heather reports that Inconsistent fishing in the local area hasn't stopped the Black Hawk from taking our clients to the more productive grounds.  We bought a boat that has some speed and weren't certainly not afraid to use it.  Montauk is providing some excellent fluke and seabass fishing, along with some hubcap size scup.  Fluke to just over 6 pounds and some real humphead seabass provide our customers with some fine fish for dinner.  There's plenty of actions, with a lot of shorts of both species, to keep the rods bending. 

A trip to Block Island has seen more seabass than fluke, so the area we go to determines what the catch of the day will be. 

Saturday morning's trip, we fished with a boatload of people north of Montauk and did very well, even on the half-day trip, with 5 year old Ethan from Hillsdale, NY catching the pool winning fluke.  This won the youngster over $100 in pool money.  Congrats Ethan!

The bass and bluefishing in the Race can be a struggle at times, no ifs, ands or buts about it.  Friday afternoon in the Race on the 4-10 trip Capt. Matt had some nice bass, with a lot of shorts and a handful of bluefish. Congrats to regular Bobby A, who won the pool with a nice bass- on his birthday, no less! It's a challenge and you gotta work for every one of them.  We've seen this before, but in recent years past, everybody has grown accustomed to full bags coming off the boats, with very consistent bass and bluefishing this time of year.  We're just not seeing it this year.  Like all things, it will change, but until then, we'll adjust accordingly.   

Our Celebrate East Lyme Day fireworks trip was a huge success! Each year, the fireworks get better and better! As usual, this trip was free as part of our Black Hawk & the Community program.  Each person needed to bring a new, unwrapped toy and a children's book to get on the boat for this free fireworks cruise.  We were thrilled to get over 100 toys and 150 books, which will all be distributed to local underprivileged children during the holiday season.  We can't thank you enough for all of your support- this will make the holiday season very special for many local children! 

July 13, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that the fishing is consistently inconsistent. Wednesday's night trip was good with fish up to 38 pounds, and a lot of action. Thursday morning in the Race was kind of slow, Thursday and Friday afternoons on the After Work Special trips were good with a lot of bass, a lot of shorts, and enough bluefish to keep everyone happy.  Saturday morning was back to being slow again.  Flat calm, bright sunshine, and a lot of boats made it tough.  Saturday afternoon, back to being good again. I can't explain it, it's just up and down.  Hopefully after this moon phase things will level out. Fluke trips to Montauk have been consistent with a lot of action and a lot of decent fish up to 8 pounds.  We're looking forward to the New York sea bass season opening.  

Heather from the office wants to thank everyone for their support for our diaper drive during our Sailfest fireworks cruise.  We collected more than 50 packages of diapers, more than 1,400 diapers total! We've said it before, and we'll say it again- we have the best customers around! Thanks for supporting us while we help our local community!  We've got the Niantic fireworks this weekend, where we'll be collecting toys and books- we're looking forward to that trip too!    Our schedule remains the same, Monday-Friday one trip at 8:00, two trips at 6:00 am and 1;00 pm on the weekends.  We have a few private charter dates still available, so contact Heather for more details or to book a spot.  As usual, check our website for updates, videos, and more!

July 6, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that on Monday, we went to Block Island on a seabass trip, and had a lot of action, with seabass and scup, and some really decent fluke.  There's no question we're going to be in for a good seabass season.  The rest of the week we spent fluke fishing in the Montauk area.  Fluke fishing was very, very good with a lot of action with fish up to 8 pounds.  As a bonus, there was plenty of scup to go around.  Some great seabass too, although, unfortunately, the NY season isn't open yet, so all the seabass had to go back, to the confusion of many customers.  When we bought the new boat this year, we anticipated doing a wide variety of trips with our new found speed, you'll be seeing more and more of these trips as the fishing gets even better. 

Due to the inclement weather, with the wind and torrential rain, Friday, July 4th trips were canceled. The weekend trips had Saturday afternoon as the highlight, with some of the best bass fishing we've seen this year.  In this highly irregular bass season, Capt. Matt loaded up on the stripers with fish to 30 pounds, with all kinds of bluefish action as well.  

Heather reminds everyone that we have our fireworks trips coming up the next two weekends, as well as Ladies Night on July 14th- be sure to call the office to get your spot on board.  As always, visit our website for updates, videos, and more.  

June 29, 2014
Heather from the Black Hawk office reports that flat calm conditions and bright sunshine have made it tough on certain tides.  Definitely the ebb tide is the preferred tide in the Race.  Saturday afternoon's trip produced a nice load of striped bass, nothing big, all 28-29-30 inch fish, with enough bluefish mixed in to keep everybody going.  The flood tide is a little bit different.  When we haven't had the optimum tide conditions in the Race, we've been supplementing with some fluke fishing south of Fisher's Island.  A lot of seabass mixed in, but, unfortunately, being in New York waters, we can't keep them.  We're looking forward to the New York season opening.  Too bad all three states can't get together and have the same seasons and the same bag limits.  We're looking forward to our upcoming night trips next week.  Also, don't forget about Ladies Night coming up on July 14th- there are still a few spots available, so be sure to call and make your reservations.  We also have a few spots left on our fireworks cruises.  As always, check our website for all the details. We'll see you soon!

June 22, 2014
Capt. Matt from the Black Hawk reports that the best of the fishing, both for bass and blues, is within little windows of opportunity within each tide. There's places to be at particular points of the tide and you better be there and be ready to catch 'em at those times.  We've been catching a few nice fluke on the diamond jigs in addition to the bass and blues.   We're looking forward to some fluke trips coming up, there's been pretty good fluking and we're going to take advantage of it. 
Heather from the office reminds everyone that we're fishing every day now- Monday through Friday at 8:00 am, Saturdays & Sundays at 6:00 and 1:00.  We also have our After Work Special trips on Thursdays and Fridays at 4:00 pm.  July night trips will be posted by the time you read this report, and we are also taking reservations for Ladies Night and the July fireworks.  Visit our website for details.  

June 15, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that while the June full moon fishing is supposed to be the best of the striped bass fishing, it has been inconsistent and nowhere near the numbers we usually see this time of year.  Bluefishing has been fairly consistent, except for Father's Day morning, which was a bit of a struggle for everyone.  In the afternoon, it wasn't quite as bad, with a good mixture of bluefish and striped bass.  

Heather from the office reminds everyone that we start our full schedule this Wednesday, June 18.  We will be fishing Monday-Friday, 1 trip at 8:00 am, Saturdays & Sundays, 2 trips at 6:00 am and 1:00 pm, and After Work Special trips on Thursdays and Fridays at 4:00pm.  As always, visit our website for a full schedule. 

June 8, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that porgy fishing up at Greenport seems to be coming to an end.  On Thursday's trip, although there were some guys who had their limit, there were more throwbacks that day then we've had all spring season, which is indicative of the beginning of the end up in that area. 
Bluefishing is still excellent up there in certain areas. Our local bluefishing and bass fishing can be anywhere from slow to excellent depending on the tide. The flood tide has definitely been the  better trip, and customers are getting their fill of diamond jigging bluefish.  There's been a scattering of striped bass up to 23 pounds this week as well.  
Our first Block Island fluke trip was kind of hampered by easterly weather and drizzle and dampness, but the cracker jack fishermen still got 3-4 apiece, up to 6-7 pounds.  More fluke trips will be coming up in the next few weeks, check our website for details. 
Heather from the office reminds everyone that we'll start fishing every day on June 18th- check out our website for a full schedule, including specialty trips. We've also got our fireworks trips, Ladies Night, and other specialty trips posted, so be sure to check it out online.  

June 1, 2014

Heather from the office reports that bluefishing is holding its own, with fish now showing up in the Race, Plum Gut, as well as over in Greenport. There's a few striped bass being caught on each trip, but not the consistent numbers that we're used to at this time of the year.  Everyone is still waiting and hoping and looking and searching for the bass run to happen.  
Porgies are still consistent, still some good fishing to be had in the Greenport area, with some of the fish that have spawned out showing in the usual Gardiner's Island regions.  
Fluke fishing has been fairly decent, there's been some nice fish caught in the Greenport area, we've even caught a few of them while we're diamond jigging for the bluefish.  South side of Fisher's Island and Montauk have been producing some good fish.  
We're looking forward to our night bass trips coming up in the next few weeks, call the office to get a spot- there are a few single spots left on a few of the trips.  We've also opened up reservations for our Ladies Night trip and for some more porgy trips, so check the website or call the office for more info.  Don't forget that June is sock month at the Black Hawk, when we'll be collecting new socks for the local homeless shelter as part of our Black Hawk & The Community Program.  Thanks for all your support and donations in May for MASH and other local shelters. 

May 18, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that the bluefish have arrived- a little late, but hungry as ever.  Diamond jigging over in Greenport is excellent, with fares getting all they want.  There's a lot of bait up there, and diamond jigging is working the best right now.  Fluke season opened this Saturday, and there is decent fluke fishing around, with fish upwards to 8-9 pounds being caught.  Porgy fishing is approaching its peak, with most people handily getting their limits of huge silver hubcaps. There's been a few seabass mixed in with them, but unfortunately the seabass season is closed and they have to be thrown back.  Congrats to Kermit M and his group from Mt. Vernon, New York who had a very successful trip on Saturday, held in memory of their dear friend Rex who passed away in December.  

As for the striped bass, we're still waiting at the alter for them to arrive. Usually at this time of the year we're picking away at the them, but not this year.   The cold winter and water have delayed everything this year, and the striped bass are no exception.   Not Montauk, not Point Judith,  not Block Island, not Watch Hill, not the Race- as of this report, they haven't arrived yet. The stage is set and we've been trying various areas for them.  There's lots of bait around, so when it happens, it's gonna happen quick.  They're going to come quick.  We're looking forward to a couple of good weeks of combo trips on scup, fluke and bluefish while we wait for the bass to arrive.
Heather from the office reports that we've got porgy/fluke trips this week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, leading up into the holiday weekend.  On the weekend, they'll be two trips each day- 6am and 1pm on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  As is our tradition, all active and retired military fish for 1/2 price on Memorial Day Monday.  It's the least we can do to thank you for your service. Check our website ( for full schedules and details. 

May 11, 2014
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that the 2014 fishing season is going to be delayed a few more days due to the cold winter and the cold water temperatures. Things are just starting to happen here.  There's a few bluefish around up at Greenport, but not enough to make a trip of it.  It's going to take a few more days of warm weather before these fish are here.  They are on the south shore of Long Island, in Raritan Bay, down in New Jersey- the bluefish are there, there's  fluke on the south shore of Long Island, the draggers are getting quite a few there, they should move right inside for the opening of fluke season next week. Jumbo porgies are the mainstay right now. I wouldn't call it the best of porgy fishing but it's all that's around.  Some of the fares are getting their 20 fish limit,  and others are struggling to get only a few.  Within a few more days, it;s all going to open up.  The stage is set- there's plenty of bait around, and it's only a matter of time before it busts open.   One thing's for sure, when they come this year,  they're going to come in with a flurry.   
We're looking forward to the 2014 season with our new boat.  We've got some porgy trips coming up in the next two weeks, Wednesday and Friday of this week and Tuesday and Thursday of next.  We'll also be doing some fluke trips, and will be posting new trips soon- including June night bass dates and our famous "Ladies Night"- a great evening of fishing just for the girls.  Check our website ( for full schedules and details.