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2015 Fishing Reports

May 17, 2015
Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that porgy fishing was very good all week- the more experienced fishermen got their limit with no problem.  There were a few seabass mixed in, but unfortunately, with the season not open yet, they had to go back.  A few fluke as well, they also had to go back.  We had a few striped bass, most of which were short but we did get 4-5 keepers during the week, all on seaclams and porgy hooks.  There seems to be more bluefish coming in the area- they sort of disrupted the porgy fishing a bit.  We caught quite a few and popped a few more- a 2/0 porgy hook and 30 pound mono is no match for a bluefish.  

This past weekend was hampered with a lot of boat traffic, Sunday was exceptionally crowded- with the flat calm conditions and bright sunshine everything that floated was out there. Fishing conditions were so tight that anchors of small skiffs were tangled together, boats were drifting down on top of each other, and there were even a couple of minor collisions, reports Capt. Matt.  Despite the difficulties, Matt was still able to find a few good piles of 'em, and most fares had their limits of jumbo porgies.  

The fluke season opened on Sunday, and although we weren't participating in it, we heard it was rather picky.  There were some boats that had a few fluke. Hopefully everything is going to continue to improve here. 

We're looking forward to our weekday porgy trips this week, and still have a few dates available for charters- be sure to contact Heather soon to grab yours before the date is gone.  As always, visit our website for a full schedule and fishing updates. 

May 10, 2015
Capt. Greg reports that the Black Hawk started our 2015 season last Saturday, May 9, going over to the Greenport area of Long Island for some porgy fishing.  Some years,  the bluefish and porgies are already in there as thick as mud-  but that's certainly not the case this year, probably due to the cold winter.  There were porgies caught, but most of them were just the scouts, paving the way for the main body which is sure to come in the next few days to week.  Nice size stuff, all loaded with roe, but nowhere in the numbers that we're accustomed to seeing. Saturday's high hook might have been 8 or 10, but on the low end, some caught one or two, and some didn't catch them.  As few porgies as there are up there, they seem to come in flurries.  You catch a couple of double headers, then you don't catch anything for 20 minutes.  Sunday, for some reason, was even slower.  It happens every year at the start of the season, that's all there is to it.  When it happens, it will happen- it's going to happen like you flipped the switch- it's just when it will happen that we don't know.  The warmer weather and wind conditions definitely have a bearing on it.  Quite a few nice seabass caught in the mix, but unfortunately the seabass season isn't open and all of them were returned.   We've also heard that there's been a few fluke caught up in the Greenport area, and there's been reports of quite a few fluke on the south shore of Long Island as well.  There's been no sign of bluefish yet, there haven't even been any caught in any of the traps yet, as of Sunday.  We've gotten reports from friends down the island that there's quite a few bluefish in the Sheepshead Bay area and they've been found as far east as Moriches.  They also should be here within days. A really high point is the amount of bunker that are around the entire area.  Every river in CT is chockerblock full, over in Long Island,  the Greenport area, the bay, is solid bunker, which is more than we've seen in a good number of years. One of my friends was setting a gill net for bunker, and while he was loaded up with bunker, he caught some small bass in each net. They were obviously returned. This is a really great sign because in order to keep these fish here, we've got to feed, house and clothe 'em.  There were a few guys that went in the Race to try to get some bass, and to the best of our knowledge, nothing has been caught there, although there are a lot of small stuff and a lot of schoolies around.    All told, it's a pretty good report, even though it is a little behind. Things are going to bust open within days, so get ready. 

Heather from the office reports that our schedule for May has  been posted to our website, so be sure to check it out.  For the next weekend, we'll be going out at 7:00 am with one trip, and then start our two trip schedule over Memorial Day weekend.  We've also posted our spring porgy and fluke trips- these trips are taking a limited number of passengers, so be sure to call for reservations.  Our After Work Special trips will start on May 28 at 4:00- we're looking forward to another great season of these trips.  As always, check our website for schedule updates and information.